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Falcon PBX
System Options

A basic Falcon PBX is delivered with the following functions - MSRP - Call

2 x SIP Trunks
6 x Extensions
Full voicemail functions for all extensions
American English prompt set

The following options are available as add-on modules, providing seamless services:

Option Feature MSRP
Additional SIP Trunks Add any number of additional trunks.  
Additional Extensions Add additional user extensions.  
Additional Language Sets    
FindMe/FollowMe Providing the ability to forward a call based on time of day to any other phone in the world, and allow the user to accept or reject the call.  
Call Accounting Add full per call rating based on the dialed number, and the ability to limit the cost of calls a user can make. Full reporting included.  
Conference Rooms Allow a user to create ad-hoc conference rooms so as to allow external callers to meet together in a secure voice conference.  
ACD Service Sets call routing based on available local or remote agents, based on dialed number or caller selection.  
IVR Application Interactive Voice Response provide the ability to create automated call handling and access to external databases for caller specific information.  
Electronic Console A tablet based way of handling all operator functions.  
Web Access Provides the ability for users to access their voicemail and configuration from anywhere in the world.  
E911 Service Allows designated users to trigger a rapid response, by making voice calls, sending SMS and email messages, in order to respond to critical situations.  
Fax Service Provides an unlimited number of virtual fax machines, for receiving and sending faxes. 1 line
2 lines
4 lines
8 lines
Hotel/Motel Services Transforms the Falcon PBX into a Hospitality system, with all the functionality needed.  
PMS system interface Provides a TCP/IP connection allowing any PMS system to interface with the PBX.  
Room Control Clients Tablet based system providing housekeeping controls and reporting.  
Private Email System Full function private email system, totally hosted on the Falcon PBX system.  

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