Technical Support: 972-724-2373 (M-F 9am to 5pm Central)
+27-(0)39-695-0303 (M-F 8am to 5pm CET)
Our technical support staff are eager to provide a wide range of specialized services and updates that will keep your system running at its optimum. As well as training you and your staff on the system features. You get support directly from the manufacturer, who knows the product inside out, and not from a distributor or dealer.

All Falcon PBX systems make use of today's high-speed Internet technology. We have built our systems with the ability for our technical staff to fully support your system remotely.

During Internet support sessions our technicians have the ability to fully control your system, while you watch and learn. This technology allows us to view any problems that you may have encountered, and allows non-technical users to demonstrate their needs graphically.

Support Options
Falcon PBX products include the initial 12 months of support at no charge.

If you wish to contract for support services, after the initial 12 months, annual Customer Care
Contracts are available which include the following:
    Unlimited technical support during business hours as above.
   Provision of all upgrades to the software and user documentation, including any supplemental training literature.
   Direct Internet support including data uploads and downloads, direct data manipulation, and instant updates are all included.

Time & Materials
For those customers not under a Customer Care Contract, we are still available for support, but we will require a credit card payment before connecting to your system.
Remote Support Access
When instructed by the InTouch Support Center, follow the download link below:
Send an eMail support request 
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