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Falcon PBX
Business Telephone System

Introducing the latest offering from InTouch Digital System, the advanced Falcon Business Telephone System.

Our new system utilizes 21st century technology based on our cutting-edge software giving you a simple and cost-effective method to control your business telephones and associated activities.

The Falcon System utilizes SIP technology to deliver the highest dependability managed by our world class software with any SIP phone set.

Falcon was designed from the ground up to enhance various size businesses from the smallest to the largest, and includes many advanced features created to meet your unique wants and needs.

We can provide you with a complete unified communications solution that will satisfy your customers, staff and vendor needs which will exceed all your expectations.

A Falcon System uses no proprietary hardware, often very costly and in limited supply.

Our Falcon System runs on a standard Windows 10 computer which is both inexpensive and readily available all over the world. We can save you money, month after month, by decreasing reoccurring monthly phone costs, while increasing employee efficiency.

Our mission is to provide you with the most dependable, cost saving, communication solution.

Incorporating the Falcon Operator Console will revolutionize the way you handle calls from your customers and vendors.

✔ No proprietary hardware required.
✔ Simple and fast installation.
✔ Your choice of any SIP trunk provider.
✔ Select any SIP phone or your cell phone.
✔ Call routing by time and number.
✔ Unlimited Auto Attendants.
✔ Call redial and call return.
✔ Group call pickup.
✔ Full video call capability.
✔ Emergency 911 calling compliance.
✔ Extensions may be local or global.
✔ Call routing by time and number.
✔ Call barge and stealth listening.
✔ Individual FindMe/FollowMe service.
✔ Unwanted caller blocking.

✔ Full featured office voicemail.
✔ Message notification by message light, SMS or email.
✔ Full call accounting reporting.
✔ Multiple languages.
✔ Blind and supervised call transfer.
✔ Music or advertising on hold.
✔ Park and retrieve up to 10 calls.
✔ Call hold and recall.
✔ Optional customizable IVR.
✔ Built in company email system.
✔ User-initiated in call recording.
✔ Automated full system backups.
✔ Tie-Lines between your Falcon PBX locations worldwide
✔ Fax system, Inbound and outgoing - Send faxes from any application.

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