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Room Attendants are one of the best-known positions in the hotel industry. In a way, they are responsible for maintaining the good reputation of the hotel where they work by providing high-quality service and upholding impeccable room standards.

A Room Attendant’s main responsibilities include cleaning and servicing rooms and public areas in hotels and other lodging establishments, as well as assisting guests with any requests or special inquiries they may have, always adhering to the high standards of customer service established by the hotel’s policies.

In most hotels, Room Attendants work in the Housekeeping department which is usually comprised of a team of Room Attendants, maintenance personnel, floor supervisors, activity coordinators, and a departmental manager.

Most properties manage their Room Attendants, with a simple printed checklist, and may only have access to the information on room availability when those checklists are turned in at the end of a shift.

Running on a mini tablet the Falcon Room Control System now allows for real time room status reporting directly to the PMS system without any delay. Housekeeping supervisors can monitor where an Attendant at any time and can optionally inspect rooms after they have been serviced.

When a room is checked out from the PMS the Room Control immediately reflects that the room is vacant and requires servicing, by turning the room icon grey. It also shows which rooms have a maid present, allowing supervisors to maximize the staff utilization. A red icon indicates that the room is requiring attention from the maintenance department and cannot currently be offered for sale.


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