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Falcon PBX
Recommended Hardware

While InTouch Digital itself, does not supply the hardware components for an installation, its dealers or end-users can choose from many different hardware components on the market today.

We do not want to lock anyone into having to use any proprietary hardware device.

Base System
The Falcon PBX is designed to operate using any commercially available PC, running Windows 10 Pro, ranging from the current Nano family of PCs up to and including fault-tolerant servers.

The Intel NUC is a perfect choice for the smaller installation, providing all the needed power in a small reliable package, without any moving parts to wear out.

Desk Phones
A wide choice of wired desktop phones are available on today's market, ranging from single line to 16 line phones.

GXP1610                GXP 2140            GXP 1780
1 Line                    3 Lines                8 Lines

Yealink T40 Video Phone

WiFi Phones
Many customers would like to have phones in a position that does not have wiring installed. This is accomplished by using a WiFi phone, which only needs a connection to the mains power.

Fanvil X3S                 Atcom             DP 715
2 Lines                        1 Line             5 Lines

Guest Room Phones
WiFi SIP phones are ideal for properties that are unable to upgrade their old analog wiring or if there is no pre-existing wiring to guest rooms. Many of the available WiFi guest phones also provide a guest access to the Internet and are equipped with USB charging ports.

           VTech WiFi        VTech 2 Line WiFi

Analog Phone Support
It is very common in existing hotel properties, that the guest rooms are only wired for analog phones. Not a problem with the Falcon PBX, Just install an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) near the Falcon server, connect the existing phone wires to the ATA, and continue to make use of all your existing guest room phones seamlessly. ATAs are available in various sizes 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24, 32 & 48 ports, and can be combined together to provide total connectivity.

GS GXW40xx

Falcon supports a number of miscellaneous device, such as, conference phones, auto dial,  entry phones, auto dial lobby and public area phones, and devices to connect to existing public address systems.

Yealink CP 920    Fanvil 120S            TM3000              Snom PA1  
          Meeting Room    Entry Phone         Lobby Phone       Public Address  

Remote Installations
Often the Falcon PBX is the choice of many remote locations, such as hunting lodges, safari resorts and island properties, that do not have an affordable or reliable land-line telephone or internet connection, or need to add guest WiFi to their establishment. A popular choice is to utilize a cellular service by connecting the Falcon PBX to a cellular router.

            5G Celluar Router              3/4G Cellular Router

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