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Falcon PBX
Electronic Operator Console

Your staff has enough to do, without trying to transfer phone calls with a physical phone set.

Running on a WiFi enabled, Windows tablet, Falcon PBX Console takes just seconds to answer and transfer a call to any other extension
, from anywhere on the premises.

When a call arrives, it can be answered by the on-screen console, which was designed with the familiar look and feel of a modern cell phone. To transfer to an extension, the operator simply touches the Transfer button, looks for the name on the screen and selects that extension by touching the telephone icon. It’s that quick and easy.

The console can handle four calls at a time, and has its own voicemail box, it can transfer calls to another extension or forward them directly to a desired voicemail mailbox. Any phone dialing 911 for the Emergency Services will cause a flashing red box to appear on the screen, detailing which extension has dialed 911. Now your staff can be the first responder to any emergency situation as well as being able to direct the emergency services instantly to the caller’s location.

The icons on the screen show which extensions are in use, and also show the phones  by name as well as how many outgoing phone lines are in use.

The Operator Console provides barge-in capability, to notify a user of an urgent event, even when they are talking on the phone.

In Hotel mode, here is where your operator can set Guest Wake-Up calls, Do-Not-Disturb service, Guest calling restrictions and telephone credit limits, as well as controlling the room’s message waiting lamp.

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