Company History
Founded in 1996 by two computer engineers with a combined 60 years of digital communications experience, the company installed its first system that same year. InTouch Digital systems have now been installed in properties ranging from 20 room upscale boutique resorts to 1000 room hotels throughout the World.

InTouch Digital Voice Servers were first created to meet the demand by distributors and system integrators for an enhanced services voice system, providing features and services normally found only on the industry leaderís largest industrial platforms, at a fraction of the cost of those big systems.

The first InTouch Digital system, due to its modular approach and ease of installation and integration, quickly became the only choice of one large international PBX manufacturer for all their new and upgrade installations in Asia, soon to be followed by that companyís operations in Central and South America.

Today there are still†very few products that can provide the feature sets offered by InTouch Digital Systems, and demanded by end-user customers, without the use of expensive proprietary hardware solutions.

In 2016 InTouch Digital released its new VoIP PBX, The Falcon PBX, designed in self installing modules, and based on solid hardware products, Falcon takes office phones to the next level and reduces telephone costs.

InTouch is one of the few voice solutions running on the Microsoft Windows 10 platform, that gives the user the ease of use of a simple graphical interface and intuitive telephone voice prompts.

Our product line, combined with our technical support center, provides reliable communication solutions that meet or exceed all of your communication requirements. Designed with individual modules, InTouch Digital Systems are able to respond to an ever changing marketplace, introducing new features and functions in hours, rather than the months or years that a competitor can take.

Headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, in the Central Time Zone, we are well situated to provide the people, the technology and the processes required for effective, high-quality communication implementations.
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