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Legacy VoiceMail System

First introduced in 1996, the InTouch Digital VoiceMail system was designed to complement PBX systems, especially in the Hospitality industry, and was used extensively by manufacturer's such as Samsung and Iwatsu, as a way to sell into the Hotel/Motel market.

However in 2013 after our partners had failed to live up to their commitments under our partner agreements, we severed ties with those companies, and sold the InTouch VoiceMail to an Asian conglomerate, who marketed and installed the VoiceMail to their regional customers.

In recent years we have been getting more and more requests to replace or upgrade US customers who have been using our VoiceMail systems for many years. The hardware of these systems has however been degrading over time, while the end-user customer wishes to retain the system that they have become familiar with.

To meet this need InTouch Digital Systems has now released a modernized version of its VoiceMail system, designed to run on modern hardware under Microsoft Windows 10.

Please contact us for more information on this replacement program or to install a new InTouch VoiceMail system on a qualified PBX.


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